Ebb Tide – Digilent Spartan-3 -to- Agilent 40-pin Logic Analyzer Adapter

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A simple interface board between the Digilent Spartan-3 and an HP16xx logic analyzer.

Imagine a cool piece of hardware here


White Dwarf, the Omni-Directional LED Light Show

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It’s inspiration came from my oldest daughter’s desire to be a Marvel Superhero this Halloween. Of course, engineer Daddy takes the task to whole new level.

Imagine a neato board

Breakout 555 Replacement

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All I can say is they must’ve done some really good drugs on Borregas Ave back in 1972.


The saga continues to find a permanent fix for the Breakout paddle jitters.

I’m alive!

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Welcome to my little corner of web.  Here I talk about everything arcade, technology, maker, hacker, and all the mash-ups of their amalgamations.  My hope is that someday this site will host all of the projects, research, meanderings and musings of my ventures into the fusing of technology with classic arcade fun.